HOA & Condo Association Project Management Services

Association project management involves overseeing physical property management, as well as administrative, financial management, and all related tasks.

We go beyond basic project management services to develop a long-term vision for your HOA or condo association and your property’s sustainability. We’ll help you enhance your community in a responsible way.

Community Project Management Services

Our aim is to enhance your community’s overall market value. Grant Management strives to help your Board and Association achieve long-term efficiency and success.

Project Management Services

Grant Management specializes in assisting the Board to realize their long-term vision for the property and financial stability. This includes financial and administrative audits, as well as on-site property walkthroughs.

Financial Project Management

Our services cover everything from financial audits to asset and portfolio review. We’ll help establish a plan for balanced association finances, reconcile bank statements, implement cash disbursement and general ledgers. Our accounting and bookkeeping experts will collaborate with your Board to establish an annual budget and create a plan to remain on budget and maintain accurate, efficient records with monthly financial reporting.

Administrative Project Management

With nearly 30 years of property management experience in south Florida, Grant Management can provide expertise in administrative management for your property and guidance for the Board and Association.

Our project management services will assist in organizing all association documentation and ensuring proper record-keeping and resident/homeowner communication. We can help your HOA comply with local codes, regulations, and ordinances, as well as state and federal laws. Our services include support in creating contracts, negotiating, and vendor relations.

We partner with your association to establish a strategic long-term plan aimed at enhancing the total market value of your community and the property as a whole.

Let us offer our community management expertise through project management for your community association.

Your Unique Community

Grant Property Management collaborates with Board members to develop a strategic plan and property vision. Together, we will consider the specifics of your property and determine how to proceed to achieve community objectives. The property manager and the Board will assess the current financial situation and goals, as well as the rules and regulations for moving forward.

With a vision and guiding principles in place specific to your Boca Raton Association, your unique property will improve and property values will increase.

Our team will offer management plans and assist in the creation of community guidelines. Similarly, we’ll provide support in enforcing guidelines, rules, and regulations. We understand the intricacies of property management in south Florida and want to share that knowledge with your Association. This way, you can enhance the value of properties throughout the Association and save money!

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