What services does a property management firm offer?


If you’re looking for a property management firm but are not sure what services are available or what services your particular homeowner’s association needs, it can be complicated to sort out without some insider insight.

We’ve compiled a review of the major types of property management services and some examples within each type.

This review should give a good general sense of what types of property management services exist, and what your association, condominium, or commercial property needs may be. 


Plan of Action

Property management services can alleviate a lot of stress from the Board by assisting long term management of the Association.

We’ll help your Board develop a strategic plan for the long term success of the Association.

Management firms serve to assist in the achievement of this plan of action on both a micro and macro level. We’ll take care of the details and day to day tasks, on the way to achieving larger-scale goals. Management firms serve to recommend courses of action for Associations and relieve the management burden.

Grant Property Management will help your Association create and implement a plan of action. Our services include physical, administrative and financial management of properties


Physical Management

Property management stems from the need to maintain a physical property in presentable functioning order, so this is the root of the property management business.

We provide services such as supervising and inspecting the physical condition of all common areas to ensure they meet Board standards and have an appropriate presentation.

Our goal is to address any physical issues and resolve problems. For example, we’ll staff and ensure pools, and pool furniture is used and stored properly. We will have common lawns pleasingly manicured, and ensure street lights and lamps are lit and running at appropriate times. 


As well as having a professional team to keep tabs on the physical property, we also welcome reports of an issue from the Board and homeowners. If you notice a leak, a fallen tree, or a place for a fresh coat of paint, let us know.

We’ll see to it that issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner. 


Administrative Management

In addition to the maintenance of the physical property, administrative services are part of management.

Because physical property management requires expertise in a lot of different areas (i.e. paintings, lawn care, electricity…) administrative management can be complicated. We’ll help simplify.

With the Board’s guidelines, we’ll oversee the day to day administration of the Association. We serve as a customer service support for the Association by receiving and responding to resident issues.

Property management firms also help to ensure compliance of homeowners with the Associations governing documents and all city, county and state codes.

We’ll also keep you informed and up to date with Florida Statutes (which govern Associations.) As an administrative service, we create an open line of communication between the Board and members. We also serve to obtain bids on work that needs completion.

This way, the Board and homeowners can focus on creating a better community. 


Financial Management 

Property management services can alleviate a lot of stress from the Board by assisting in the financial management of the Association.

We’ll help your Board develop a strategic plan for the long term success of the Association. Then together we’ll implement the plan to achieve it.

Management firms can communicate with vendors who provide routine and non-routine maintenance. We’ll handle bids and contracts. We will invoice vendors and collect payment. We can even assist with homeowners fees and billing. 


Grant Property Management serves its communities by providing the tools and support to develop a Plan of Action, then implement in.

We’ll support your Association with the physical, administrative and financial management of your property. Call us today to learn more about how we can serve you. 

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