HOA & Condo Association Technology

Grant Property Management is dedicated to streamlining technology for your South Florida community association.

Our technology services include a variety of digital tools to better support the needs of the communities we manage. We make it as easy as possible for the Board, homeowners, residents and association to get things done with a few simple clicks.

Property Management Technology Services

We strive to deliver top quality management services to the Associations we manage, including providing 24/7 access to your associations financials, documents, payment history, maintenance requests, violations statuses and more. In 2022, this is a must!

Resident Portal

This area is private and secure, accessible only to residents or homeowners. Allowing residents to access a number of online features to help make everyday life easier and more efficient. With 24/7 access, board members and residents have access at their fingertips. This allows you to keep a log of all activity that takes place as well as keeping your Association at the forefront of convenience.

Online Payments

Online payments with a debit card, credit card or bank account can easily be set up in just a few clicks. Even set up auto-pay so you don’t have to think about it again. Our online payment platforms simplifies the collection process, eliminating the need for homeowners to drive to any offices, mail checks, use coupon booklets, or submit paperwork. Just login and within a few clicks, all fees, fines or dues can be paid.

Maintenance Requests

One of the most important features offered is the ability to submit maintenance requests. Eliminate missed requests that get lost in cyberspace and email. Your request is logged in our system immediately after you hit submit, even upload a photo to add further context. Your request is then updated to “In Progress” and finally “Completed” so you are aware of the status each step of the way.

Digital Documents

Simple access to important documents. Meeting minutes, governing documents, parking regulations, property adjustment requests and more. We’ll help digitize your forms and make them accessible online. So day or night, you have access to the information you need. Residents can access, fill out, and submit documents using a smartphone, tablet, or internet accessing device.

Violation Tracking

Homeowner notifications any time a new violation has been logged. View the exact violation details, actions to resolve and due dates. You can even mark the violation as “Resolved” once complete. The Board also has 24/7 access to violation reports, helping to keep you aware of exactly what stage a violation is in. How many letters a homeowner has received and when the initial violation was issued.


For Board members, our technology services can create on-demand access to your association’s financial accounts. This means you’ll have secure access to financial data, account information, transaction history, and account summary information. Have a question? Login and pull a custom report for the exact time frame you want. Customize the report to get the answers you’re looking for, without having to wait.


You’ll have 24/7 access to association documents including meeting minutes, governing documents, by-laws, ARC forms, and more. Even download our Mobile App so you can access pertinent information on the go! Easy access to information is key for a successful Association.

HOA & Condo Association Technology

Looking for specific digital Association website tools or services? Let us know. We work with you to customize your website, resident portal and will offer services to best fit your community needs.

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