Janitorial and Maintenance Services For HOA’s and Condos

If your HOA or Condo is having trouble finding a reliable janitorial or maintenance service provider for your association, we can help.

With nearly 30 years of industry experience, we’ve learned how to offer professional and reliable janitorial and maintenance services to our communities. Inasmuch, we can help you identify what to look for in a maintenance or janitorial package for your neighborhood association.

Why HOA’s & Condos Need Janitorial & Maintenance Services

Most properties need regular maintenance and janitorial services. Both on a day to day basis and over the long term, community spaces and buildings need to be managed and well cared for. 

Roofs eventually leaks, floors get scuffed, and pools collect leaves. Someone has to take care of these tasks to keep the property looking presentable. 

If your homeowner’s association or condominium residence has common areas, like streets, a lobby, fitness center, pool, restrooms, etc., proper management of the physical property is necessary. This means employing staff to clean, and perform various work orders like power washing or painting, to keep your property in manicured shape. 


Janitorial Services

Typical janitorial service packages for HOA properties can include a variety of offerings.

Depending on the type of property or association, you’ll have different needs. In this way, you’ll want to ensure that you know what your specific janitorial needs are and organize accordingly with your management company.

A residential community association may require cleaning of different kinds, both indoor and outdoor. If your neighborhood has common areas, you’ll also need to organize daily cleaning for a well-maintained property, and happy residents or homeowners.

A few spaces on the physical property to consider in janitorial services for your HOA include:


Carpets and floors

Conference center

Elevators and stairwells


Fitness center


Parking areas

Pool and enclosed areas


Maintenance Services

Typical maintenance services for HOA and condo associations vary in scope but include a range of tasks. Maintenance on the property includes general care, as well as repair, updates, and deep cleaning. 

Depending on the type of property and scope of care your association needs, we’ll create a custom package to include everything. The burden no longer falls on the Board to follow up with maintenance and cleaning but can be taken care of by our professional management team.

Some maintenance projects for condominiums and HOA’s include:

Floor refinishing/polishing

Pet waste porters


Maintenance & repair

Drywall patch/texture

CAM painting

Carpet /Baseboard Removal

Replace light fixtures

Air vent maintenance 

Paver and brick cleaning

Concrete cleaning

Stain removal

Perimeter wall or fence cleaning

Exterior building washing

Why Grant Property Management Provides The Best Janitorial & Maintenance Services

Grant Property Management has nearly 3 decades of property management experience. We have managed condos and neighborhoods from 10 residents to 1,000. We’ve seen almost everything, so we have the tools and knowledge to get everything done!

Our goal is to help your Board address the janitorial and maintenance needs of your association and create a custom package to meet those needs.

As a management company in Boca Raton, Florida we know how hard it is to keep your property professionally cleaned and cared for and ultimately, to please your residents and homeowners. 

We can help make it easy with a custom management package for your janitorial and maintenance service needs.

GPM will provide a quote on professional, reliable janitorial and maintenance services for you HOA. We’ll help organize dependable services so your homeowners and residents are happy.

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