Community Feedback

With over 25 years of experience in the property management industry, we’ve picked up a couple of compliments along the way…here are a few.

Antonio W.

“Very attentive and quick to respond!”

Celso P.

“Grant Property Management and its team have been amazing to work with. Very professional service.”

Juanita N.

“Top-notch staff! Our community has seen such an improved aesthetic since GPM came into the picture 2 years ago. The phone is always answered with a friendly tone and they make everything so easy.”

Jennifer S.

“I have been with Grant Property Management for quite a while. Amazing customer service.”

Elias K.

“The best management company for our community. Great and friendly staff. I truly recommend them.”

Michael L.

“I want to say thank you to the personnel at Grant Management who do a great job in running our association. They really attend to our needs.”

Erin H.

“GPM was very helpful in assisting us with our landscaping project. Very efficient, friendly and patient. Thank you from a happy homeowner.”

Stacey E.

“The staff that comes through our HOA are always so great. Friendly, respectful, and even always smiling! We’ve certainly seen an improvement in our community’s appearance. Thank you.”

Garrett B.

“A great team all around. Every person I am in touch with at GPM has always been friendly, patient and helpful. Thank you!”

Robert B.

“My community has been managed by GPM for over 4 years now and I cannot say enough nice things about them. It has been refreshing to have a management firm that actually listens. That actually works with us to address the situations the community faces. They are very organized, responsive and always keep us up to date with what’s happening. I cannot imagine what it would be like without their professional assistance.”

Celso P.

“Grant Property Management and its team have been amazing to work with. Very professional service. Definitely the management company for your property or community. Highly recommended!”

David G.

“Very professional, responsive, and easy to work with.”

Karen M.

“The entire staff at GPM is so great to work with. They’re always prompt and polite, our entire neighborhood has seen such an improvement.”

Adam G.

“The staff is very professional, friendly and they are very quick to respond.”

Michael N.

“I’ve been dealing and doing work with Grant Property Management for over 5 years and as a vendor, they are by far the best management company, and I work with a lot of different companies. One phone call or email is all that’s needed and they are on top of it. Thanks, guys for making it so easy.”

Adrian H.

“I could not be happier with the personal service provided by Grant Property Management. I have found the staff at all times to be pleasant and extremely helpful. I would recommend this property management company to anybody.”

Joan N.

“I have known Grant Property management for over 25 years where they managed my office condo property and my home condo property. They are without a doubt one of the top management companies. The personnel are always responsive and kind, the vendors they use are equally top quality and their knowledge of management and bookkeeping is superior.

I have experience with other management companies in the area as each year we had a new company at my home condo until the community hired Grant Property Management. They are honest and transparent and up-to-date on rules and regulations.”

Russel G.

“As a physician, I have had the pleasure of knowing Grant Property Management including management and staff since the year 2000. They have always been extremely courteous, straightforward and helpful in all my interactions and cannot give them high enough praise. Recommend them highly.”

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