Condo Association Management

Partnering With Condo Associations Since 1991

With an experienced condominium association management team by your side, we oversee the short and long-term best interests of your condo building. Our legal and real estate expertise provides a set of skills that complement your condo association’s vision for the building’s future.

Physical Management

The meticulous maintenance of the community, with an attention to detail that homeowners can take pride in.

Financial Management

Strategic financial reviews and insightful recommendations for informed decision making.

Administrative Management

Making the complex and detailed matters that take place behind the scenes, easy and manageable.

Improve Your Building's Standards

GPM’s approach to the practice of modern condo property management has evolved over the nearly 3 decades we’ve been in the industry. Our goal is to provide your condo with a comprehensive approach to the management of the building.

Let Us Do The Work

Grant Property Management will secure vendors, execute effective cost-saving strategies, steadily improve the value of the condo and handle any maintenance issues that should arise. While no major projects are ever initiated without proper board/owner approval, our focus is to take care of the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy your condo to its fullest potential.

Condo Management Services

  • Administrative
    We work closely with the board to schedule meetings, maintain records and paperwork, streamline communication, and enforce condo community regulations.
  • Financial
    Establishing flexible resident payment options including checks, online payments, or auto-debit. Alert the board of any delinquencies, budget preparations, and recommendations, as well as continual financial reporting including P&L statements, cash disbursements, and delinquent receivables.
  • Maintenance
    Making sure your building’s landscaping maintains its pristine condition, along with the community’s common areas, GPM works to keep residents happy with their building’s amenities. Regular inspections of community spaces, and general upkeep including timely routine maintenance tasks including pressure cleaning, painting, irrigation repairs, carpet cleaning, and more.

Free Up The Board’s Time

Association management is a very time-consuming undertaking, with wide-ranging responsibilities that require a variety of skills, abilities, and experience.

Board members are volunteers. The time they invest in managing the Association’s affairs should be spent on important matters. A management company should address day-to-day matters and keep the Board’s involvement in these mundane issues to a minimum. Let Grant Property Management assume the responsibility for managing the routine business of the Association and let us do the legwork on special projects that need to be addressed. In this way, we can bring all the satisfactory alternatives to the Board’s attention enabling the Board Members to retain their roles as decision-makers and not as administrators, project coordinators or unpaid supervisors!

Making A Noticeable Impact

While the majority of property management functions are actually conducted behind the scenes, the aspect that most residents notice is the physical maintenance of the community. How does the property look? Grant Property Management possesses the appropriate mix of talent and industry expertise to improve the quality of your community.

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