HOA & Condo Association Bookkeeping Services

Grant Property Management is proud to offer association bookkeeping services for your association.

We provide timely and accurate financial reporting as well as budgets on a monthly and annual basis. While we handle all association bookkeeping, we also train and support your board with reporting and the interpreting of financial documents.

Our team will help your neighborhood association manage its financial obligations, from assets to statements of income.

HOA & Condo Bookkeeping Services

Our community association bookkeeping services are financial management across the spectrum for your community, and peace of mind for the Board.

Our team starts from the ground up. With some training your Board will develop day-to-day reporting practices, and our team will offer monthly as well as 24/7 on-demand financial reports.

These will be reviewed with annual budget meetings. Ultimately financial planning will result in balanced accounts, accurate ledgers, and healthy financial stability for your Association for many years to come.

HOA & Condo Financial Reporting Practices

Our association bookkeeping services include a range of topics:

Accounts Payable

Association debts, debts credited, monies owed, or other financial liabilities.


This is a review of financial statements, annual budgets, bank accounts, debts, contracts, financial liabilities, and other instruments. Regular audits can be tedious but are imperative for the financial success of your association.

Cash Disbursements Ledger

This is an ongoing record of all transactions from association or HOA accounts.

General Ledger

This is a balance sheet for incoming and outgoing expenses from association accounts and should be kept organized on a day to day basis, with monthly financial reports.

Manage Account Balances

Support recording and guidance using funds from accounts. With support and training your condominium association can implement healthy financial practices.

Reconciled Bank Statements

On a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, who is reconciling your HOA bank statements? How is the Board monitoring financial expenditures? It is important to maintain up to date bookkeeping and reconcile bank statements.

Statements of Income and Expense

This documents income and expenses over different periods of time and helps guide future spending. This allows the Board and HOA to stay within budget.

While it is possible for an Association and Board to manage monthly financial reports without association bookkeeping services, we’ll bring our expertise to ensure they are done right. No headache for the Board. No audits. Just monthly financial reporting for your community association, the right way.

HOA & Condo Monthly Financial Reports

Grant Management specializes in monthly reports for Association finances. We create statements of revenue and expense, manage the cash disbursement and general ledger, and even prepare for audits. Our team creates annual budgets for your HOA based on monthly financial reports.

We’re also experienced with budget restructuring in the case of Association bankruptcy or poor financial situations. We’ll help fix the mess and create a path to better financial peace of mind.

Professional Bookkeeping You Can Count On

Grant Property Management can offer professional and streamlined bookkeeping services so your Board and Association can focus on building a better community.

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