5 Signs of Poor HOA or Condominium Property Management

5 Signs of Poor HOA or Condominium Property Management 

Making an informed decision for high quality property management services

Is your Boca Raton neighborhood or condominium poorly maintained?

Do you arrive to your community and see an unkempt, unattractive presentation?

The professional appearance of your HOA and Condominium is key to attract new homeowners and increase property value. If your south Florida property management company is not delivering top notch service, it could be detrimental to the long term success of your condominium or community.

It is easy to identify poor property management. Here we’ll delve into a few of the telltale signs.

This information can help you:

-Determine if your current management company is up to par.

-Or, if a management company you are considering can deliver the high quality of

service they claim to.

The first few things potential buyers notice in a community, and can be signs of poor property management are:

  1. Landscaping
  2. Roofs/Walls
  3. Community amenities
  4. Streets
  5. Parking

How to identify poor property management services:

  • Check the landscaping and curb appeal of homes or buildings. Pay attention to the common area lawn maintenance. Observe homeowner yards. If the property management company is effective and the HOA is running adequately there will be a sense of uniformity. 

Homeowners will take responsibility for the upkeep of their individual property

because the management company (along with the Board) is actively enforcing the neighborhood’s guiding principles.


  • Roofs and walls are big attention drawers. Notice if the condominium building, houses, or community spaces are pressure washed, and painted. Are the walls of the buildings and roofs clean? Is the general appearance of the property presentable or dirty? A management company who is not effective will allow dirty and unkempt buildings to persist without urgency. 


  • Community amenities are also a good indicator of the quality of property management services. What is the condition of the pool, clubhouse, or tennis courts? If they look well kept, clean, and presentable, chances are an effective and high quality property management company is behind the scenes. 


  • Streets and Roadways Observe the condition of the streets. Are trash cans and other trash piles left outside? Are street lights properly functioning? Is street signage clean and clear? Clean streets and roadways indicate a well cared for property. Functioning lights show attention to detail and require constant vigilance to maintain. Details matter in property management.


  • Parking We can also identify the quality of property management by observing the parking situation. Notice if multiple vehicles are parked on the streets, or block the flow of traffic. Are there commercial vehicles parked on driveways overnight? 


Another insightful parking consideration surrounds guest parking. Is parking a complete free-for-all? Are passes assigned to guests or certain parking spots allocated to visitors? If there is no parking plan or program in place, this may indicate poor property management.

Uniformity is key

Effective property management companies will ensure that the property is always looking tip-top. property that looks clean, and well put together upon first appearance is usually an indication that there is high quality property management.

Look for properties that have a sense of uniformity in presentation. This typically indicates that there are HOA and condominium rules in place, and that they are followed by residents and supported by the property management company.

Make an informed decision for high quality property management

Let us support your HOA or condominium association with our expertise in property management.

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