Tips For Professional Landscaping for HOA’s & Condominiums

Professional Landscaping for HOA’s & Condominiums 

Increase Association Value and Attract Home Buyers with these HOA Landscape Tips

South Florida properties pride themselves on modern, well-kept landscape design and a professional landscape presentation. In addition to creating a welcoming scene for the neighborhood and residents, a professional landscape appearance can increase property value and increase home prices throughout the neighborhood.

Here we will delve into some different landscape considerations for your South Florida HOA to both beautify the property and increase property value.

Increase community value through landscape design 

Landscape design is a big draw for potential homebuyers.

Homebuyers in Boca Raton are typically looking to move to neighborhoods with an attractive, presentable, community atmosphere. Landscape plays a big part in creating that attractive atmosphere.

Good landscaping is important because it attracts home buyers and raises property value. 

When the neighborhood or condominium has a professional and modern landscape presentation it gives the impression that the Board, residents and homeowners actually care about the property and want to see it looking nicely. This creates an increased desire to live in your South Florida neighborhood or HOA.

Affordable landscape increases property value with a property management company  

Landscaping services can be expensive and often represent a large portion of the monthly property care budget. Landscaping companies can work with individual neighborhoods, but often at a costly price.

Working with a property management company to acquire landscaping services makes the process more effective for HOA or Condominium Associations (and easier on the wallet!). It is  more likely they will get a fair, affordable price for long term property landscaping maintenance with the support of a local property management company.

Property management companies have long standing relationships with trustworthy local landscape vendors. Thus, they can negotiate an industry standard rate for high quality landscape work. Typically, the property management company has vetted the landscape company, worked with them for many years, and has a knowledge of the right crew to achieve the right landscape design.

This will give your HOA an advantage. Your Board will save time and money since they will not need to create a bid, identify the right landscape vendor, interview, negotiate, or other related efforts.

Your south florida property management company has industry experience and long standing relationships. It will be a quicker and more efficient process in securing the right team to offer landscape services to your community. No wasted time or dollars testing out different companies or starting new projects without completing them.

To save money on landscaping for your HOA and ensure fair pricing and quality work, use a vendor approved by your property management company.

Choose a landscape concept for your HOA or Condominium Association 

In order to achieve aesthetically pleasing outdoor space for your neighborhood there are many landscape related considerations.

It is easy to beautify a neighborhood, community, or condominium building with a unique landscape concept.

Some important general landscape considerations for an HOA or community association include:

  • Uniformity- plants, trees, and other materials are uniform throughout the neighborhood property. Select a few plant varieties and stick with those across the community.
  • Balance- an appropriate balance of plants and fauna, hardscape, gravel and pathways, as well as open air space, are necessary as to not overpower the outdoor spaces.
  • Proportion- there should be fewer larger plants and trees compared with grasses or smaller bushes and flowering plants. Keep an even ratio.
  • Color- incorporate and design around specific color schemes to create a thematic display, and a bright, fresh atmosphere for the community
  • Repetition- use the same plants, styles, and colors following a cohesive plan that is uniform and balanced throughout the property.

It is also important to consider the atmosphere and location for the landscape design.

Your neighbourhood may be made up of single-family homes, townhomes, duplexes, or a condominium building. Consider who is responsible for what areas.

If there are community or public spaces the HOA may be responsible. If there is private property, perhaps individual homeowners are responsible for the landscaping. Make sure to take into account (and communicate to residents) who is responsible for what areas of landscape. Furthermore, advise residents of the rules or aforementioned stylistic landscape decisions.

Other HOA and condominium landscape questions   

Some more practical considerations apply to landscape rules in HOA and condominium settings.

Consider the following landscape concerns:

  • How often and how much will you water plants and grasses?
  • How often will you have the grass cut?
  • What plant height is acceptable for the property?
  • How low may tree limbs extend?
  • What type of ground cover materials will be used? (gravel/mulch/soil/sand)
  • How often will you re-mulch or replace ground cover?
  • Will your association spray for pests? If so, how often?

Save money and increase community value with great landscaping

If your South Florida HOA or Condominium Association is seeking support to find a trustworthy landscape company, we’re here to help.

Grant property management has over 30 years of professional property management experience in the South Florida and Boca Raton area. We have established relationships with professional landscape vendors and ensure fair industry prices for our communities.

Let us know how we can help your HOA or condominium association with landscape needs.

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