What To Look For In A Professional Property Management Firm

What To Look For In A Professional Property Management Firm

Everyone enjoys arriving home at night and driving through a well-manicured neighborhood, or to work in a professional well maintained office building. When neighborhood, condo, and professional associations are in need of property management services there are many things to consider in choosing the right firm. It can be hard to determine if management companies will be a good fit for your property and management needs. In order to make a good choice for a professional property management firm it is important to consider the quality of service, responsiveness, follow through and reputation. Consideration of these aspects of property management gives a good indication of the type of service you’ll receive, and help make the decision easier.

Quality of Service

The quality of service is an important consideration in selecting a property management business. Services should be professional and consistent. Assure that your property management firm uses the best vendors to complete tasks, uses quality products and equipment, and leaves things well-groomed and professional. Make sure that the firm and vendors stand behind their services and consistently do a good job. Find out what their standards are and how they keep up with them. This way, you can trust that the property is always well maintained.


It is important to gather information about the firm’s responsiveness and policies for addressing and completing tasks. How are work orders handled and what are the priorities? If homeowners have leaks or other emergencies, who will they contact and how will they get in touch? If a door is locked, who will come to open it? The management firm should be clear about its policies and have a plan in place to resolve problems. The firm should respond to any issues or concerns promptly. Some issues take time to address. Firms should keep you informed and assure things are completed in a timely manner.

Follow Through 

In addition to responsiveness, professional property management firms should follow through with tasks and projects. It is easy to deliberate over plans, but finding a firm who can actually deliver on promised services is a win. Find a property management firm that sees through tasks from start to finish. Make sure that the firm will work directly with vendors, staff, and other personnel to get issues resolved with attention to detail and accuracy. Assure that the firm will be part of the process and help your association reach its goals.


Consideration for a property management firms reputation is key. Find a few of their current clients and some past ones. Talk with the associations there to see how they do business. Find out if the services described are indeed services rendered. Ask about the policies in place and how they function. See how they handle finances, what the quality of service is like, and if they follow through. If the firm comes well recommended by association members you’ve got an indication that you’ve selected a professional firm.


If you enjoy a clean and presentable neighborhood or work building and are seeking a new property management firm to help keep it that way, consider the quality of service, responsiveness, follow-through, reputation in your decision making. Consideration of these aspects of property management gives a good indication of the services you’ll receive, and help make the decision easier.

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