What To Look For In An On-Site Condo Association Manager

What to look for in an On-Site Condo Association Manager 

5 Important Traits to look for in your next On-Site Condo Manager

A good on-site condominium association manager is hard to come by, let alone a great one.

We’ve been in the property management business for over 25 years, so we’ve gained some insider knowledge on what it takes to be great at property management. In this blog, we’ll talk about 5 traits to look for to identify a great on-site condo association manager.

We think 5 important traits to look for in an on-site condo manager are the ability to manage the big picture, managing the details, professionalism, fair pricing, and a good reputation. These are some of the qualities we take into consideration when onboarding a new on-site condo manager.

Though we’ll speak specifically to on-site condominium association management in this article, the information is relevant to any HOA, commercial or condo property-seeking on-site property management services.

Big Picture 

A largely important factor in selecting a great on-site condominium manager is their ability to see your condominium’s big picture.

What does your property seek to accomplish before the end of 2019? What goals does your homeowner or condominium association have for 2020? Creating a vision of where you want to be is the first step.

Then, delineating each step towards the ‘Big Picture’ for your property. Ensuring your on-site condo manager is on the same page as your vision is huge for the ultimate achievement or lack thereof any goals you set.

Make sure your on-site property manager is in alignment with your vision. The property manager should help you organize and create a plan of action, then implement the steps to achieve your big-picture goals.


Just as important as the ability to achieve big-picture goals, is the ability to complete each step along the way to the big picture.

An excellent on-site condo manager will not only see your bigger vision but can organize all of the smaller steps on the way there.

This means that they are thinking critically, and know the in’s and out’s of your property. It also means that your professional property manager leaves everything buttoned up and no t’s are left uncrossed.

They know that a light bulb at the clubhouse is out and already ordered the replacement. They know that the pavers will be on-site next week to seal the driveways, and an alert should be sent to all homeowners.

They know what needs to be done, and they do it. It is often the details of property maintenance that are overlooked, and lead to the unprofessional presentation of a condominium. Ensure your on-site condo manager is thorough with details.


A good on-site condo manager is professional. This means, across the boards, they do the right thing, and always have your property well represented.

The on-site manager should have an easy-going demeanor and be approachable by homeowners, members of the Board and vendors alike.

The professional property manager communicates well with all parties and in a prompt fashion. Professional property management means to follow through on all tasks and following procedures set by the guidelines of your condominium association.

Fair Pricing

On-site condo managers should work for fair and agreeable compensation. Find out the going rate for on-site management services in your area, as well as for comparable properties.

If you want the job done right, you should expect to pay an on-site property manager on the upper end of the range applicable to your property demands.

You may also take into consideration compensation in the form of providing housing. On-site condo managers often live on-site and account any provided housing facility in their overall compensation.

Ensure you find a property manager who offers their professional services at the right price.

Good Reputation

There are very few industries where a good reputation is not required. On-site condo management is no exception to this rule.

When looking for a new property manager near you, take the extra steps to prequalify them, by gaining insight into their reputation. Call their references.

Ask for names of properties they have previously worked with, and before and after pictures of the property. Do some of your own research to find out how the on-site condo manager has been received by the community.

A good reputation sticks with you, and so does a bad one. A little questioning around before hiring an on-site property manager will go a long way.

Final Word

Effective on-site property management is a skill acquired over years of experience. Our 25+ years of industry experience have helped us identify a few key traits of a great on-site condo association manager.

We think the ability to manage the big picture, managing the details, professionalism, fair pricing, and a good reputation are the most important considerations when onboarding a new on-site condo manager.

What considerations are most important to you? Call us today and we’ll help find an on-site condo manager for you.

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