11 Classic Property Management Services (In Boca Raton)

11 Classic Property Management Services (In South Florida) 

What does a property management company do?

What makes a premier property management firm? It can be hard to be sure considering the industry title is so general. It’s also a pretty broad industry and covers a wide spectrum of services.

If you are part of a condominium or homeowners association and have a variety of property management needs this article will offer a glimpse into the industry.

We’ll outline 11 classic services property management firms offer in Boca Raton.

Property Upkeep

It might seem obvious, but a property management company should perform general property upkeep. Whether it’s a condo association, residential neighborhood, or commercial property, property management firms are usually responsible for the physical maintenance of the premises. That means ensuring any physical issues not meeting established standards will be addressed and resolved.

Project Management

One important service that management firms provide is project management. This means they’ll take care of the process from obtaining bids on work to be completed to ensuring services rendered and a job well done. This can encompass special projects on the small or large scale that apply to individual homeowners or the community at large.

Common Area Maintenance

Apart from the physical outdoor property, any communal spaces are also maintained. Management firms should make sure clubhouses, pools, community parks, signage, and even walkways are well cared for and maintained. They should be well-groomed and presentable. Whether residents are homeowners or rent the space, the common area should be well cared for.

Financial Management

A major benefit of working with a property management company is the financial management service they can provide. This includes overseeing and implementing long term financially savvy decisions. These services can include collecting cam or association fees and special assessments and in turn paying out to vendors for services rendered.

Board Meetings

Property management firms can help your Board, Association and homeowners improve the property by facilitating Board meetings. This is an opportunity for residents to come together with the Board of Directors and the management company to make changes, implement projects, and ultimately improve the neighborhood or property.

Enforce Community Guidelines

A property management firm can act as a governing body for community guidelines. This means that with the guidelines, standards and regulations set by the Board at Board meetings, the firm will ensure compliance by residents, both renters and homeowners. The property management company can also ensure compliance with city, county, state, and federal codes that govern all Associations.

Property Inspections

Management companies can usually tackle the overwhelming task of running inspections. At Grant Property Management our properties receive at least two on-site inspections each week by supervisory personnel. This on-site exam includes physical property review and reporting of issues or violations. Things like common area repairs are noted and addressed.

Vendor Services

Property management firms can support homeowners associations by working on behalf of the Association with external businesses and vendors. We’ll act under the Board’s established guidelines to contract and render any needed services. We’ll take care of every step in the process so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Emergency Services

In some instances, homeowners or Associations experience emergency scenarios. Things like floods, leaks, or fires that need to be immediately addressed are usually part of property management services. Grant Property Management is proud to offer 24 emergency support in these instances. We will manage all emergency repair services as necessary ensuring satisfactory completion of repairs and maintenance to the quality levels and standards of the property.

Address Resident Issues

Property management firms should respond to resident issues on a timely basis. This includes addressing individual owner issues and resolving them in accordance with the Association’s governing documents and policies.

Better Communication

Utilizing a property management service for your condo, residential or commercial property also serves to create a channel for communication across all parties. Structured management allows for open lines of communication between the Board and the members or residents. This means issues are more easily brought to attention and ultimately resolved more quickly.

Which of these property management services does your Association need the most help with? Visit our Prospective Clients page to learn more about our total property management services.

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